Volume : IV, Issue : VI, June - 2014

Work Life Balance of Academic Sector Employees: A Study in Vadodara City

Shruti Rana, Shwetang Panchal

Abstract :

Life is a set of pursuits. Man is a social animal so no one can achieve a fulfilling life without family, health, wealth, career, social obligations, intellectual satisfaction and spiritual enlightenment. It may be said that every professional encounters issues related to professional life and other things that matters to them most at some or other stage of their life. Even the roles being played by a person i.e., employee, boss, subordinate, spouse, parent, child, sibling, friend, and community member and many more. Work–life conflict occurs when the demands of work and non–work roles are incompatible. The main aim of this paperis to study the work life balance of employees in Vadodara city in academic institutions. A self–completion close ended structuredquestionnaire focusing on issues surrounding worklife balance were distributed to 180 employees of three management colleges in Vadodara city employingnon probability convenience sampling technique.The questionnaire was designed: to find out whether the employees were satisfied with their professional life and personal life i.e., whether they received appropriate amount of support from colleagues, peers and supervisors, satisfaction related to performance appraisal, availability of time to work upon career advancement, able to give time to family or personal commitments and factors which causes stress and their way of handling it.

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SHRUTI RANA, SHWETANG PANCHAL Work Life Balance of Academic Sector Employees: A Study in Vadodara City Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.IV, Issue.VI June 2014

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